The Story of Bailey's Bar & Grille

The concept of a restaurant like Bailey's Bar & Grille had been evolving in the minds of our owners for many years. Pam and AI had, on occasion, been disappointed in one way or another with the dining experiences that they have had over the nearly 31 years that they had been together. They decided to create an establishment that encompassed all of the important qualities they had hoped to find in their various experiences. We are constantly searching for and uncovering the best-quality ingredients to use in our recipes and ensuring that our staff is friendly and highly trained. We want your visit with us to be one that you remember as enjoyable and relaxing.

Its a Wonderful Life Bar

Where did the name Bailey's come from?

This is the true story! Al had been running his family's business for ten or so years and Linda, one of Al's four sisters, always called him George Bailey, referring to the lead character from the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." In the movie, George would always sacrifice his own dreams and ambitions to help his family and friends. Al's sister always felt that in some way Al was doing the same thing. Thus, the name Bailey's Bar & Grille was born. Prior to our opening, many people thought that a restaurant with a name like Bailey's was going to be an Irish pub. The reality is we are a casual, family-friendly dining establishment that includes a pub-style bar. The hope for our restaurant is that it becomes your restaurant. In a nutshell, we want everyone who comes to Bailey's to never have to feel the way our owners felt when they received less than excellent food and service at other establishments.

Supporting our Community

In our effort to support our community, we have always given back and offered our support to local organizations. One of Pamela's passions is fundraising and community involvement. She has spearheaded several successful fundraising campaigns and is thrilled that Bailey's is a place that allows her to continue this passion. We currently offer Bailey's Gourmet Burger to our guests where a portion of the proceeds goes to support local charities. This is our way of giving back while offering our patrons one of the best burgers they'll ever have. We are sure you'll agree, "Charity never tasted so good!"

Remember we are,

"Just an easy place to be."


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